Sunday, August 26, 2012

Some Gnawing Questions, Wherein the Insomniac  Humbly Requests Your Assistance

Last week, nothing but pictures. This week, nothing but text (or drivel, if you prefer).

Now that the insomniac  has started to Publicly Follow a few blogs, and in some instances has even felt comfortable enough to make an attempt at a lighthearted comment, there have already been more than a few occasions where she has hit the Publish Comment Button and immediately begun frantically searching for the non-existent Retract Comment Button while simultaneously wailing “Oooohhh Nooooo, that  didn't end up sounding like it was supposed to ...”

Before committing any further blunders and thereby managing to completely alienate everyone, the insomniac  is requesting your help with a few questions she has on Blogging Etiquette, for those of you who have been at this far longer than she.
  1. How often should one post a comment on another blog? Is commenting on every single post considered to be in poor taste or possibly even self-promoting? Should one limit their comments to, say, every third post?
  3. How does one keep track of where one has left a comment? Please tell the insomniac  there's an automated feature for this so she needn't rely on her memory. Because that's just not a good idea by any stretch of the imagination.
  5. Is it considered odd to offer free things to other bloggers? Imagine, if you will, that one has read that a fellow blogger likes Alexander Henry fabric or another is looking for grommet tape, and one just happens to have vast quantities of these items that she would love to unload donate, would it come across as somewhat creepy to suggest one would be more than happy to send these items along? (And if you happen to be the bloggers in question and are completely comfortable with it, please email your address to the insomniac  and she will dispatch the aforementioned items to you posthaste.)
  7. If one references another blogger in a post, e.g., to thank them for an acronym they were previously unaware of or to mention that they really enjoy reading their blog, is it necessary to check with them first before doing so? Or is such a formality only necessary if one wishes to use their copyrighted material? And if one does include a reference, should one also incorporate a link to that blog?
  9. How personal should one get with their comments? Merely for the sake of example, are comments such as “Wow, you look fabulous in that picture by the staircase and does your husband know how lucky he is?” or “Good heavens, Joe is quite  the good-looking young man!” completely inappropriate? Would it be wiser to stick with generic comments instead? (Just for the record, the insomniac  did have second thoughts about the “creepiness element” of that last one and refrained from actually hitting the Publish Comment Button. Also for the record - he is quite  good-looking.)
  11. For comments, is it better to use Moderate Comments or Word Verification? Or are neither really necessary? Maybe spam comments are not that common, and chances of getting some version of the following are perhaps less likely to occur than the insomniac  has imagined:  “You is the bestest blogger I has ever readed and could youse please check out my blog to give a very important suggestions for improvings it at my site”
Please feels free to shared any of youse vastest knowledges to provide insights to the insomniac  on these, and any other points of Blogging Etiquette you feel she should be aware of, through the use of the currently Moderated Comments feature.
The insomniac  would also like to take this opportunity to apologize to you all in advance, because she is quite certain that at some point, probably sooner rather than later, she will make some horrific gaffe when communicating with you. Please know that when that unfortunate time arrives (and it is inevitable), whatever tactless comment she has made will NEVER have been meant to be condescending, creepy, flippant, haughty, insulting, obnoxious, self-promoting or snarky, and can simply be attributed to her tendency to hit the Publish Comment Button before giving said comment at least three days' worth of Very Careful Thought. 

And because one couldn't possibly finish this week's post without including any pictures at all, one of the insomniac's  most favourite, ranking far above all of her other most favourites ...

This is what the insomniac  looks like in Real Life, except
with round black Harry Potter glasses and a few gold teeth.

But other than that, pretty much her identical twin ...

Until next time, the insomniac  wishes you nights of blissful sleep filled with pleasant dreams ... Goodnight, my pretties.


PostScript: It has been said before and bears repeating - thank you, my pretties, for reading one's drivel. It's quite humbling.

Although this blog started out primarily as a means to showcase new additions to one's online store, it has evolved into something much more than that. Your written responses to her posts mean more to the insomniac   than you may think. And that  particular comment is meant in a completely uncreepy way.


  1. Oh, I can tell you how many times I've been thinking of What the heck did I write that for? Reading the comment afterwards it seems a bit silly.
    I can answer your questions, but a warning first; they are my view of how to write comments etc and maybe not the right way.
    1. Oh I write a comment if I "feel for it". Sometimes there's just a "nice coat" and sometimes lots of text. I'm glad when readers comment because then I get a receipt that they have read my text.
    2. Hm...don't know. My memory isn't the best either.
    3. Godness! Anyone would be pleased to be offered free gifts froom a fellow blogger. I've done it a few times and people are very thankful.
    4. If you have something positive to say I don't think you have to ask for permission (my opinion). If I mention a fellow blogger I use a link.
    5. I don't think the examples are to personal. Anyone would be happy for a compliment I think.
    6. I have neither of them and it works fine. I deny anonym comments though and that helps a lot.
    In my opinion one should write honest but polite comments. If I don't have anything nice to say, I don't say nothing at all. Hope it helped a little.

  2. Oh, it did help - thank you for sharing! One is disappointed that you aren't aware of an automated feature to remember where you've posted comments, though. That's going to blow up in one's face eventually! ;o)

  3. I often feel the same way about commenting- I proof read them over and over and still feel like I said something wrong! So I think it's normal :)
    1. I only post a comment when I have something to say, but as long as the comments are relevant to the post I don't think anyone would be upset to have comments on every post they make. I like knowing if people are interested in what I'm posting so I always appreciate reading people's feedback. (I always wonder about commenting on old posts though- sometimes I see something interesting but if it is a year old I don't know if it's ok to comment or not)
    2. I don't know this either, I don't think blogger has a system for it :( You can choose to have follow-up comments emailed to you at the bottom of the comment box, I guess that might help?
    3. I don't think that would be odd, although I've never done it myself.
    4. I think you don't have to ask unless it's copyrighted, but linking to them is nice just for people who may not know their blog.
    5.I think your examples are fine- they don't seem creepy to me.
    6. I don't moderate comments because I haven't had any problems yet.
    That's just my approach ^_^

  4. Thank you so much for your insights! One is relieved to know that, so far, one seems to be in very good company with others who also worry about the tone of their comments after posting!

    It's also sounding like it isn't as necessary to concern oneself about moderating comments as much as one first thought. Which is also good to know! :o)

  5. Umm, I comment whenever I feel like it! I follow a lot of blogs, and really only comment when I'm particularly interested ... don't worry too much about commenting too much or not enough - just go with gut feel ;)

    Play with your comments set up - I have comments 'embedded', which gives you the option of replying to comments so there is a bit of a conversation going on.

    A lot of blogs (yours included) has the option to tick 'email follow-up comments to xxxx' - that's brilliant for keeping track.

    Just have fun with it!! :D

    1. One has just implemented the Embedded Comments feature - a most excellent suggestion, Michelle! Look how easy it is for one to reply and have the appearance of a real conversation going on! WooHoo!

  6. I think you're overthinking it. Just comment on something that interests you to speak about, but be courteous (i.e. no flames, constructive criticisms to be used to help people, etc.). There are too many people out there who use the web as an excuse to be an anonymous a$$hole, or just say nice things to people to get people to respond to their internet musings. I never try to flatter people who I don't think deserve flattering, or comment on something that I am not at all interested in or have nothing to say about it or add to it. If they happen to write a string of things that interest me all at once, then they will probably hear from me over and over again. If something's interesting but I have nothing to say to ad to it, then I will let it go.

  7. Oh, you're quite right - one definitely does have a tendency to overthink things - especially at 2:00 a.m.

    Good advice about the flattery and not commenting on things that are not of interest. One should be relatively safe if one listens to those words of wisdom. Thanks for offering them!! :o)

  8. Oh!! I received your package today!! I'm so grateful! Thank you so much! The petticoat is beautiful! Amazing quality and it flows around my legs! Also thanks for the beautiful decoration, just my style Hugs!!!!

    Thunder! Have to close down internet now :S

  9. That's amazing - only four business days to Sweden? It takes three weeks for items to get to Canada from the United States!!

    Very Very Glad that you like the petticoat! The fabric really is amazing, isn't it? The insomniac  was pleased to be able to send one to you, and thank you so much for being the very first person to comment on her blog! Hugs right back at ya! :D

  10. I love that art! here is my personal take on the questions, although I don;'t really have all the answers. hope that helps!

    1. i comment on blogs all the time, if you don't constantly leave links to your blog on every post and continually ask to follow them, I would say it's ok. I've had people basically just ask me to follow their blog, and that is a bit annoying.

    2. when I first joined blogger i assumed there was and that it woudl notify me of replies. as far as I know it didn't and won't. There were a lot of blogs I liked and didn't follow that I have never been able to find again.

    3. I don't know about anyone else, but I looooooove gifts and I don't think I get them enough. I don't think it could hurt to offer.

    4. Not 100% sure but most people like being mentioned I would say a mention/ link is ok I am not 100% sure. If you want to copy paste a bit of an article from their blog I would ask out of courtesy, as it is their work. Ditto for pics of art or fashion design.

    5. Things can come out sounding wrong on the net, which I realise as my sense of humour is very sarcastic which can often be taken as meanness. I would say maybe you look beautiful is ok, but not say, describing too exactly, like 'you eyes are so lovely, I wish I had them', which comes off a bit serial killery. and people can be touchy about their spouses, I never comment on them.

    6. I have word verification, most people do. But i wonder if it puts people off at all, because I kind of have trouble with it on other people's pages, sometimes I have to have a go several times before I get it right. Maybe I am part robot. I also moderate the comments just in case, which was useful in the one case when a friend sent me a rather obscene joke I didn't want on my blog.

    1. One agrees completely with your comment Number 5. While one's friends might appreciate her slightly sarcastic sense of humour in Real Life, it does tend to sound infinitely snarkier online. And yes, Serial Killery is definitely something that one is hoping to avoid in one's comments! ;o)

      Nice to know that someone much younger than oneself also has trouble with Word Verification. One had attributed that to one's failing eyesight, but apparently that might not be the case. But most probably it is ...

      Thank you for commenting and offering your excellent suggestions! Hopefully one can incorporate some of them before this week's post!

  11. oh, yeah and if you have moderate comments on it tells you when people comment, and I dont know how you would know otherwise.

    1. The insomniac  has decided to stick with the Moderate Comments feature, as she has enough trouble remembering things without worrying about whether she has unintentionally missed a new comment! Good suggestion, Laura - thank you, again!

  12. The good thing about the word verification is it allows you to think more a moment before putting your comment in instead of just pressing enter and then being like, oh no, what did I just post? noooo!

  13. Hello Keep up with the excellent posts. Thanks

  14. One actually chose to publish this comment, since there was no sketchy link included.

    So, Anonymous - thank you for your kind words, whoever you may be! :D

  15. As usual, I have learned something from your blog. I too wondered (just a little) about etiquette. I like Clementine's advice. I think I have ADD so I never over think my blog. If it stops being fun and starts to feel like a job, I'm done.

    1. Good Heavens, Rhonda! The insomniac is truly hoping you are not reading her blog in the hopes of learning anything useful!! You absolutely must take everything she says with a grain of salt!!

      That being said, the helpful comments offered by other knowledgeable bloggers are, of course, highly informative and useful. :o)

  16. I love your picture that looks like you. It made me think that I want a famous work of art that looks like me. The only thing I could think of is when I was a teen, my boyfriend said I looked like the girl on the cover of the Cars album CandyO. I don't look like that now of course (probably only did to him but I will take it). How about the Birth of Venus? Which I never looked like but I always wanted that on one of my walls.

    1. Rhonda! Seriously! You have to stop believing everything the insomniac  writes! The picture looks NOTHING like her at all! But it really is her favourite among favourites. That part, at least, is not an exaggeration.

      If one were to be completely truthful, Edvard Munch's “The Scream” is probably closer to what she looks like - but with a few gold teeth.

      One must go Google the Cars album Candy-O now to see what you used to look like ... :D

  17. HAHA, I've felt the same way about publishing comments too.
    I'll let everyone else above answer all your questions as I'm still trying to figure out a lot of these things myself. ;)
    Also- if you are on facebook you might enjoy joining Ladies in Black. A lot of bloggers are in there and it helps to get to know some better. (if that's your thing)

    1. Ooh, one is going to go check out the Ladies in Black right this instant! Hopefully the Ladies are all forgiving types, because the insomniac  only just signed up for a personal FB page a week ago, and knows even less about Facebook Etiquette than she does about Blogging Etiquette. If that's even possible! ;o)

  18. not sure about fine manners in real life. let alone the intertimesuck addiction nebula

    you are funny and foxy, uh, did I say that? dang,

    I mean ur g8

    1. Oh Tess, you lost the insomniac  at intertimesuck addiction nebula ... But, thanks? :D

  19. Well I can't speak on the proper way to do anything - but I'll tell you my preferences. I'm awful at writing anything, on my blog or on other people's blogs - but since I enjoy hearing from people - I put myself out there too.
    I think it's wonderful when people compliment my spouse (someone upthread said it might be frowned upon), I always pass the compliments on to him and I know it makes him happy.

    I don't think commenting on every single post would be a bad thing. There are certain blogs that I can't help but comment on every post! And the more interaction I have with people on my blog - the better! I actually feel like I've made a couple of actual friend through my blog!

    Word Verification is sometimes hard for me to see too! Maybe it isn't my contact lenses failing...

    And who wouldn't be flattered by a generous lady like yourself offering to send gifts? I've sent some crochet items to bloggers before and I'm sure I'll do it again! It's a really neat thing for someone who's never "met" you in person to think of you and want to send along a present!

    You seem like a very thoughtful lovely lady and I'm so glad I found your blog! I'm fairly certain none of your natural impulses will lead you astray in the world of blogging and commenting!

    1. Thank you, dear! The insomniac  is very glad you found her blog, as well!

      She has been following yours for a while now (stalking seems to be the correct term for that behavior), and has often wanted to comment on what a lovely fashionable couple you and your spouse are. So now you may go tell him the insomniac thinks he is very dapper! :D

    2. I certainly will! Thanks so much!