Monday, January 13, 2014

Cochrane, Crafting, the Cottage, Christmas and Conversations of Death ...

Oh, for shame - it has been a while since we last met, hasn't it? Lest you think the insomniac  has fallen into the creek and perished from hypothermia or, worse still, succumbed to an overabundance of beige, an update on what's been happening in this neck of the woods since we last spoke ...

After having said our fond farewells to the Gothic Mansion, we moved into a lovely furnished rental in Cochrane with a fantastic view of the Rocky Mountains (see previous post). And although the insomniac  jests about the beige (it took almost two full weeks before she finally stopped driving past the villa we rented and parking at the one down the road, which looks identical to ours which looks identical to the one next to it ... and so on and so forth), we are extremely grateful that Jan and Larry, the owners of the villa, spend their winters in Sunny California so we don't have to spend ours in the Crappy Little Trailer in the Spooky Forest, what with the whole Polar Vortex thing and its record cold temperatures and snowfall. Not that there would be any room for us in there anyway - it's crammed to the rafters with crap collectibles.

Brrrrrrr ...

As the villa is furnished, our possessions went into storage. The estimate for that accumulation of worldly goods topped out at 31,029 pounds at the end of September; after a few frantic months of additional downsizing, we ended up at 13,446 pounds on moving day (awkwardly pats herself on the back).

Only the most precious of things came with us, which ended up being surprisingly less than what one had originally considered to be precious. Included amongst those items was the Tiny Taxidermy Collection and an Art Nouveau lamp. The other boxes contain such irreplaceable things as baby teeth (both offspring and dog), beaded mementos from various trips, scraps of paper one believes are important but should probably check, etc. The peacock feather was found on the carpet after the movers had left; one didn't have the heart to throw it away, explaining its presence alongside the most precious of things.

Oh fine, maybe that little black tin is a new eBay purchase.

It's still precious though ...

The free-standing Taxidermy Collection also came with us, but because we're renting and probably shouldn't be pounding holes in the walls if we'd like to get our Damage Deposit back, the hanging Taxidermy Collection went into storage. Sorry, you guys. We think of you often.

Some of these things are not like the others ...

Some of these things just do not belong ...

Go home, candle. You've been in the sun too long.

Or maybe it's just trying to shrink away from our writhing snake candelabra.
Yeah, that's probably it.

Although the insomniac  has been rather smug about managing to kick her chronic eBay habit since last January due to the impending move, she has resumed her obsession with a vengeance. It started out innocently enough as a means to acquire old light fixtures for the Little Gothic Cottage, but went rather rapidly downhill from there. Good thing the rental agreement is only for six months and there isn't a lot of room, or we (and by we, one is obviously referring to herself) would be in a lot of trouble.

It had to come live here. Because it has Gryphons.

And will probably look better in a somewhat darker kitchen, one imagines.

Over 40,000 beads. My precioussssssss ...

Now that the move is over and done with, there's been a lot more time for crafting. Mukluks for the eldest's girlfriend that, while one doesn't remember specifically saying  they'd be finished by Christmas 2012 but which may have been implied, were finally completed. Still, she says she's pleased with them and also says they fit perfectly, although this cannot be verified as the insomniac  has yet to see them on. She may have been rolling her eyes and thinking, “I wouldn't be caught dead in these things.” as she was texting her thanks.

Potential business idea ...

Mukluks with spikes. For Canadian golfers.

This is the temporary sewing room, now conveniently located in the basement as opposed to the third-floor attic. Notice the abundance of exercise equipment, which one had promised would be put to good use once we moved in; those sneakers haven't moved an inch from their spot on the floor where they were thrown upon our arrival.   

Just a few things to keep a person occupied during
the cold winter months ... exercise not being one of them.

Giving serious thought to a combination workshop/sewing room at the new place.
It's really handy having all those tools nearby.

Not that anyone is using your tools, Larry ... in case you're reading this.

The craft of knitting, abandoned by the insomniac  for almost thirty years, has been rediscovered. So far, a snowflake-patterned black and grey scarf has been completed (sorry, no picture - the youngest got it for Christmas). Recently, one has started to learn how to knit on four needles and the next project on the Crafting Agenda is a pair of thrummed mittens, which one has found to be extremely warm. Even at -37°C.

Thrummed mitten cuff, shown against a backdrop of mushroom fabric,
which became a ruffly mushroom pillow.

Sorry, no picture - the youngest got it for Christmas.

The Reclining Knitting Chair which the insomniac  has claimed as her very own, as evidenced by the jelly beans and Knitting for Dummies reference book close at hand, the Pot 'o Gold chocolates on the table, and the unused exercise bike in the background.

Actually did try out that bike. Once.

The new mailbox is almost finished, just needing one last coat of white. Surprisingly, that beautiful pile of fabric lovingly tossed on the plastic bin did not come from eBay, but a delightful place newly discovered called Restoration Fabrics and Trims. Samples of the Fleur-de-Lys Velvet and Ornate Victorian Floral Velveteen are in the mail, even as we speak.

This lovely stuff will cover the old worn sewing chair that used to live in the attic ...

Hope you don't like it too much because this is the last of it.

Madame Mari Mortem was up from Hellbrook, Arizona visiting her family in Calgary. She, her younger brother and the insomniac  went on a road trip before Christmas out to the Little Gothic Cottage (sorry, no pictures - we both forgot our cameras), had lunch at the Cochrane saloon and did a bit of shopping. Last week, we got together again for another day of shopping at some favourite Calgary stores and thrift shops. Madame MM, that lucky girl, scored big - the thrift shops had marked their regular low prices down by an additional 50%. As per usual, the insomniac  found it impossible to leave this store empty-handed, but as it's a Valentine's Day present for someone who reads this blog, we need not speak of it at this time.

Madame MM and her “little” brother Farabundo ...

At Christmas, both the offspring came out to Cochrane, and although we didn't bother with a tree or decorations, the turkey dinner turned out splendidly despite the insomniac's  fears about using an unfamiliar oven. Bright and early Christmas morning, we took a drive out to the Little Gothic Cottage with the two of them, as they hadn't been there since building had commenced. And because it's terribly difficult getting both of them together at the same time due to their busy schedules, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to initiate the following conversation:

Insomniac:  So ... what do you think of the place?

Them:  It's fantastic!

Insomniac:  So ... when we die what would you like to do with it? Sell it and split the proceeds? Keep it and share it equally between the two of you?

Them:  Keep it!

In retrospect, that last question may have been a little harsh for a crack-of-dawn Christmas morning conversation, as the youngest's eyes started welling up. Then again, it may have had more to do with the fact she was forced out of bed at 7:00 a.m. for the drive than it had to do with the conversation.

But how wonderful to know our little project will be passed down, hopefully for generations to come. And now that it's staying in the family for the future enjoyment of our offspring (and their offspring ... and so on and so forth) who are fully aware of the eclectic decorating style of their Sainted Mother, no longer is anyone allowed to say to the insomniac - like when she came up with the brilliant idea to cut up a piece of furniture and use it to make kitchen cupboards, or wants a front door with a stained glass spiderweb window - that maybe that isn't the best idea she's ever had and would likely affect the cottage's resale value. BECAUSE WE DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THAT ANYMORE! As an added bonus, we'll never have to downsize again - because that Little Gothic Cottage is going to be passed down through the generations with its contents included. And you should see how big that basement is. Bwahahahaha.

Now if you'll please excuse the insomniac, she needs to go rifle through one of her small black boxes for the ornamental ironwork guy's phone number. Maybe it's not too late to revise those front door hinges to include a few spiderwebs ...

Until next time, the insomniac  wishes you nights of blissful sleep filled with pleasant dreams. Goodnight, my pretties.


PostScript: The windows for the LGC are scheduled to be shipped from the United States any day. Cherlyn of Wolf Construction says they're the most beautiful windows she's ever seen, but hasn't been able to get the link for the pictures to work so we can see them too. The suspense is killing one of us.  

Once they arrive, it will probably be time for further updates and new pictures. Perhaps not too exciting for all of you, but terribly exciting for us. Because we've heard that once the project gets to the lockup stage, ALL the trades are anxious to come and work in a heated house. Which hasn't exactly been the case during this past month of the Dreaded Polar Vortex.


  1. Fantastic!! I am also being killed by the suspense, so, errr... whoever... is not alone. ;-)

    And it's really a VERY nice rental, but I see what you mean about lots of beige. Well, it's an excellent color for showing off your wonderful things!!

    1. Seriously Lucretia - it's been over an hour and she still hasn't been able to get those pictures over here. I'm dying! LOL

      It's a beautiful rental, and we feel very spoiled. There's a bar, a pool table, THREE bathrooms, a garburator ... all these luxuries we've never had before. But the beige carpets terrify me - I have to drink my red wine standing over the kitchen sink for fear of spilling! ;o)

    2. Also, I forgot to mention the two showers ... they have two showers here. We're enjoying the heck out of those! ;o)

    3. Wow, I'd feel spoiled there, too! We already have two bathrooms (both with full bath/shower), but all that other stuff!!

      I know what you mean about beige carpets, we've had those for 15 years, and with nine cats you can imagine the mess they can leave (butt rubs, barf, you name it). Fortunately, a good scrub brush and a few spritzes of Spray 'n Wash usually do the trick! Not sure that would work with red wine, though... :-(

  2. You are hilarious!
    That picture of the recliner caught between a work out machine and the half eaten box of chocolates... :D I asked Cinnamon man to move our exercise bike into the cellar when I cleared my craft room. He gave me a sullen look, so I asked him when he used it last. He couldn't remember. It is now in the cellar.

    I love to see Ms. Mortem visiting you. Makes me feel Canada is tiny and you all know each other ;)

    And I don't know what that beaded thing is but I want it!

    1. Thank you, Ms. Misantropia! :D

      Yes, all the sad and lonely workout machines are going to remain that way, I'm afraid. Oh well, the Road to Hell is paved with good intentions ... isn't that what they say? And yours is probably better in the cellar than taking up precious space in your craft room. Tell Cinnamon Man I said so.

      Oh, but we do all know each other up here in Canada, Ms. Misantropia. ;o)

      Nah, not really. She just happens to be from Calgary originally and although we've never met before, it was delightful spending time with her and Farabundo. We had fun.

      I think that beaded thing is a bell pull. All I know is they're the perfect colours for the LGC and I HAD to have it. It was calling out to me and since nobody else wanted it (or they would have bid on it), I got it for a screaming deal and that makes me very happy.

  3. So much to comment on as you proceed in your wonderful journey! First, I must state the painfully obvious (being a So Cal girl, who used to be a Kansas girl but has long since repressed all memories of winter there): WOW THAT'S A LOT OF SNOW. :)

    Second, exercise at home never worked for us, either. We bought an elliptical, which we put in the craft room so that one of us could do projects while the other exercised and then switch. We even put a TV up there with a connection to Netflix. Used it a few times. Like 2 years ago. ;)

    Third, I think you just changed my life with the link to Restoration Fabrics. My life, and my direction for how I had originally planned to reupholster our antique living room suite. Not that I actually have any time for projects (if I did, that elliptical might still get a BIT of use now and then - lol), but I can see myself stocking up for the future.....

    Fourth, garburator? Is that an in-sink garbage disposer? Mr. Kitty is from Toronto and I was shocked to learn that NO ONE IN CANADA has those. I had never seen a home without one until I visited his family there for the first time.

    Best of luck to you in your Beige Phase. I believe it will just make you appreciate the darkness all the more, and enjoy the abundance of exquisite, interesting details in your decorating style to a whole new depth. Oooh, I can't wait to see those windows!!

    1. I'll bet you've repressed memories of Kansas winters, Ms. Kitty! Winters in So Cal would make a person happy to say, “We're not in Kansas anymore!” And I'm pretty sure that's why most retired people from the Canadian prairies head down there at the end of October. They're not stupid. ;o)

      When we started downsizing in January, the exercise equipment was the first to go, except for the bench and free weights. I used to really love doing those, but it's been years. Not sure I could even lift three pounds above my head anymore! Still, I plan on doing lots of walking (camera in hand) once we get out to the country. That kind of exercise I don't mind.

      Isn't Restoration Fabrics an awesome site? Before we put the furniture into storage, I had an upholsterer come out and estimate how much yardage I'd need to recover a few things. It's like the best of both worlds - being able to keep a living room suite you love, but almost like getting a new one with different fabric! And so much cheaper than going out and buying a whole new set that probably isn't near the quality of the antique set. :D

      A garburator is a definite novelty for us! But we were big composters back at the old place and we won't be able to do that out in the country (bears). We're hoping we can get a garburator installed in the new house to dispose of the kitchen waste, but we're not sure if that sort of waste is acceptable in a septic field yet. So many things to learn! LOL

      The Beige Phase is strange. It's like we're living in limbo. Thank goodness I have lots to keep me occupied - exciting choices to be made about flooring, tiles, lighting ... that's heaven. The spouse disagrees, which is kind of perfect. ;o)

  4. I use my excercise equipment as furniture haha! it's all so exciting hearing about your plans for the Little Gothic Cottage, all the pieces you are collecting and have (love the mail box!!) the writhing snake candelabra makes it all exciting - your conversations are direct like mine too! I tend to just say it out loud, which I have inherited from my mother (e.g. mum 'when I die, I want the lid on the coffin' me 'it was going on anyway' cue howls of laughter!) x x x

    1. Oh yes, the equipment is definitely useful for other things than actually exercising on, Sandra! LOL

      I love the mail box, too - I'm relatively happy with how it turned out but I'd never use that Rustoleum paint again - ELLIS is full of lumps. Which sort of fits, I suppose. ;o)

      Haha, another forthright conversationalist! It's good to have all these things (like whether you want the lid on your coffin closed or not) dealt with beforehand though, isn't it? :o)

  5. It just makes my day, reading your updates Lyn. I'm so glad you aren't in the CLT for the winter. I know your a hardy sort (I think...) but why rough it when one really doesn't have to. Especially with all this disaster movie type weather going on. Naturally you need to have some of your own things around you while you wait for the LGC to be finished and I love the pieces you've chosen. I do admire how the box of chocs and the easy chair have precedence over the exercise gizmo as well. Your a woman after my own heart. Don't think of the gizmo as a wasted project. These things are easily re-purposed as clothes hangers, quilt racks and burglar deterrents. I'm glad the First and Second born want to keep LGC. Bless their little hearts, getting teary at the thought of you going onward to re-decorate the Afterlife. You might want to look into sheltering their inheritance from the pigging revenue department though. Death taxes and all that.

    And here's the link to Tea & Lavender. More than a blog m'dear. Its my very own brand! Got lots of plans for the coming months.

    Looking forward to more news from you.


    1. Oh, thank you, Ali - it's nice to know that you actually enjoy reading some of this boring stuff! :D

      I think if we had decided to winter in the CLT, we'd have been ready to choke one another by now in this weather. And not that the spouse isn't out there every day plowing anyway, but then he enjoys that sort of thing. ;o)

      The jelly beans and chocolates were the last of the Christmas gifts to be consumed this week, and I'm actually kind of glad all that stuff is out of the house. I seem to be missing that all-important gene that lets a person know when to quit eating junk (also the one that tells a person when to stop bidding on eBay).

      As for sheltering the inheritance from the greedy hands of Revenue Canada, we've been in contact with people who are more knowledgeable about these things than we, and have figured out how to set up a trust so the property looks after itself and the offspring are taken care of. Got burnt quite badly upon the Sainted Mother's death with capital gains taxes - once bitten, twice shy as they say.

      I am so thrilled for you, Ali! Your very own brand - that is something to be excited about! I must go have a look at your products ... maybe you can suggest something suitable for us pushing 60 types? LOL

  6. It's nice to see an update from the Insomniac; after all, it has been awhile. Oh, and that candle in the living room? It's simply leaning over to get a better view of that beautiful countryside, which the easy chair is blocking.

    1. Hi, Nightwind! I've been thinking of you a lot lately, mostly because none of the fabric for your project has arrived yet. I suppose it has a lot to do with the roads out to the PO box being almost impassable these days, but still ... :o(

      Easy chair ... you crack me up. :D

    2. No wonder I don't like snow very much! Phooey!

    3. I can honestly recommend both the books about Sulamith Wülfing as well as the Lizzie Siddal-book SO SO much. The Siddal-book is as exciting to read as a thriller! And it´s so interesting to read about the highly interesting person that Sulamith Wülfing is. Out of the two Wülfing-books the one by Maurlene Maurhoff is the one I recommend the most because it has so much text- it´s a true biography. But the Sulamith- book by Larkin has the most beautiful selection of her pictures.

    4. Lizzie Siddal book? What is it called? Who is it by? I love the Pre-Raphaelites. Although I also already have too many books. Ha ha. As if there could be such a thing!

    5. Bummer - the Lizzie Siddal book doesn't get released here until May. I think I may already have the Sulamith Wulfing book by David Larkin (I can VAGUELY remember packing it!) ;o) But the Maurhoff one I've only found so far on Amazon and it's $70! I'll have to hunt around a bit and see if I can't find one a little cheaper because it sounds wonderful. As much as I love to look at her pictures, I'd also love to learn more about her!

      I've got all your recommendations on my Amazon Wish List though, and I'll work my way through them as funds are available. That's the trouble with those Wish Lists ... they just keep growing and growing! :D

    6. Oh Laura, I forgot to mention you should go to Sara's blog - Snövits äpple - and check out all her excellent book recommendations! :o)

  7. Nice alliteration.

    Arghhhh I love those snake candelabra! So awesome!


    Is there really a place called Hellbrook?

    I love the letterbox!

    Madame Mari Mortem's 'little' brother has cool style! Love the skull necklace!

    Spiderweb window? Will this happen?

    1. I think I should stop with the alliterations - they're getting ridiculously redundant. Gawd, I can't help myself, Laura! ;o)

      We got the snake candelabra in the Czech Republic, and it's one of our few possessions that I'd really be sad about if it got lost in the move. I did send a few gryphon pieces into storage though - what was I thinking? :P

      I believe it's actually called Holbrook but Madame MM refers to it as Hellbrook - that's how wonderful a place it is!

      Thank you!

      He does have cool style, and he makes all his own jewellery, too! All of it he's wearing, he made himself. The Creativity Gene obviously runs strong in that family. The beaver skull he found in downtown Calgary - how lucky was that!

      The spiderweb window will probably remain just a dream, Laura. It gets cold out there and a window of any kind in the door would probably be foolish. And besides ... ka-ching! Spiderwebs on the cast iron hinges though? That's a very definite maybe! :D

  8. I so much enjoyed my time with you!
    I can't believe Chintz & Company had been hiding that luscious fabric right under my nose! I had always assumed it was just really expensive home decor... ugh.

    Also, I feel you on the constant buying of things on ebay... I can't seem to stop myself either, and just like you, very rapidly now this small apartment of ours is getting cramped! It didn't help that I bought loads of clothing during our outings-- I have absolutely no more room in my closet, hehe.

    Exercising at home is futile-- I don't know anyone who can do it regularly. They all visit the gym and feed off each other's drive, hehe. So there's no need to feel guilty!

    1. That's good to hear, Madame MM! Well, you were right about Chintz & Co - it is really expensive home decor! But I thought you might enjoy the fabric there. Being a fellow fabric-a-holic and all. ;o)

      I really have to stop the Ebay thing, but it's difficult when I'm on there all the time looking for light fixtures. Oh well, soon I'll have all I need and then it's time to step away from the computer!

      After reading your last post and all the wonderful sewing things you found at your favourite thrift store (I tempted to ask you the name of it but I know that wouldn't be wise of me), I'm kind of surprised you managed to get everything in your suitcases! Still, it's always good to have lots of choices in the closet!

      I hate gyms even more than I hate exercising at home. Pffffft. I'll get over the guilt though - I always do. ;o)

  9. While I'm pretty sure you'll survive the beige of your temporary home, surviving the cold that Winter has brought so far is a bit questionable, so I am happy to hear you are not roughing it in your little trailer! Sounds as though building your eclectic collections is helping to pass the time until your new home is completed. Thanks again for your input on Prague! Although we didn't have the snow we were hoping for, it I was a great journey.

    1. Sitting here, coffee in hand, in a nice beige but very warm office in front of the computer. Definitely better than shivering in an icy trailer, which is also happens to be very beige inside. Not a terribly difficult choice in the long run. The only unfortunate thing about it is perhaps I'm spending a little too much time in front of the computer. Late at night. Shopping on eBay. ;o)

      I saw from your pictures that there wasn't any snow, Mark! I was going to comment on that, but I didn't want to make you feel bad - I know how much you were hoping for it! On the plus side, at least you weren't tromping around in Sorels during your trip, because that sure makes the legs ache. LOL

    2. I've been out of the north so long I had to look up what Sorels were! Think there might be some Ebay-ers Anonymous sites out there...just sayin'...;)

    3. Noooooo - you've forgotten about Sorels? Haha, well you're not missing much.

      And hey, just Googled eBay Anonymous - no such thing. Maybe I should start a chapter? Although I might be the only member. Nah, I've got it under control. I can quit any time I want. ;o)

  10. I absolutely love this blog post!
    Of course one should never stop browsing for treasures on Ebay, but a visit to Etsy is also a must :)
    I do adore your taxidermy collection.
    I'm so glad you don't have to stay in a trailer in all that snow. I feel cold just looking at it!

    Have a wonderful weekend :)

    1. Thank you, Yvonne! :o)

      Actually, in some people's cases **cough** they probably should stop browsing for treasures online. Oh, Etsy ... I just received a lovely silver Victorian biscuit barrel yesterday that was purchased off Etsy. Probably a good thing that I'm generally so wrapped up in eBay that I usually forget to look over there, too. ;o)

      I think if I can find just one nice owl (that doesn't cost an arm and a leg), I'd consider the taxidermy collection complete. You didn't see The Raven in that picture, either - he's staring at me from atop Jan and Larry's bookcase as I type. He's my favourite - not that I like to have favourites. I love them all equally. Just him a little more maybe. ;o)

      You have a wonderful weekend too, Yvonne! Going to pick up the youngest today and she'll stay a few nights. Time for some baking and movie watching! :D

  11. What is this "resale value" of which you speak?

    1. Resale Value is something imposed upon the insomniac  by other people's opinions about how a house should be decorated. What is basically means is that you're not supposed to decorate the way you really want to (unless it's removable) because when it comes time to sell, everybody who comes to view the house hates it. Which became quite clear to me when we went to sell the Gothic Mansion; although I felt I was quite restrained in decorating that place, many felt it was still far too dark.

      And I really did want to cut up the old buffet we have that will NOT fit anywhere in the new place, but had fantastic Gothic hinges and would have made wonderful kitchen cabinets. I had visions of a cobbled together dark cottage kitchen with drying herbs hanging from the ceilings and large pots for boiling children. But noooooo..... ;P

  12. I am very glad too that you don´t have to stay in a trailer when it´s cold! What an amazing taxidermy-collection you have. Wow, it´s so gothic.. Much love!

    1. Oh me too, Sara! As cosy as it is in there, I think six months living in such small quarters would drive us bonkers. And that's only about half of the taxidermy collection! LOL

      Love to you, too! :o)

  13. What a full and fertile post! Great stuff, beautiful pictures. Your style in everything is very interesting.

    1. Kudos to you for making it all the way to the end, Shybiker! LOL

      I'll take interesting ... beats boring, right? ;o)

  14. Wow the rented place looks really nice! I wish mine had such good furnishing! And I must say I'm quite impressed with your taxidermy collection <3

    1. It is nice, Ellone. We feel very fortunate that they rented to us - it's quite difficult to find places these days!

      Thank you! It's one of those collections that somehow keeps on growing and growing! LOL

  15. What a world! While you guys have been freezing your butts off with the Polar Vortex, we've been sweltering through diabolical (and I don't mean in the good way) heat! I'm glad you were able to bring a few of your treasures to the temporary accommodation and make it a little more home-y. :)

    1. Oh, I feel for you, Little Gothic Horrors! Really, I'd rather have cold to deal with than heat! I hesitate to use the word hate, so I'll just say I intensely dislike heat. Anything over about 25°C. ;o)

      Yeah, we have a few things with us ... I don't know what we're going to do with them if our place isn't ready by the end of April, though. Those few things certainly wouldn't fit into the trailer! Gulp.

    2. We've had a record number of 40+°C days this summer and we're building up to another one on Sunday. Ugh! If you get the chance, toss a couple of snowballs this way! ;D

  16. Wow that is so much snow. We haven't had any snow at all yet (just lots and lots and lots of rain) so I'm really quite jealous.

    Ooooo really looking forward to an update on the Little Gothic Cottage. :-)

    1. Yes, definitely lots of snow here and more on the way! Hopefully the driver who is bringing our new windows up from sunny California knows how to drive in wintery conditions, Rachel or it might be a while before the next update on the Little Gothic Cottage!

      I do hope you'll get a bit of the white stuff over there before winter's over though. :o)

  17. You are Hilarious... and I can relate to so much of this Post that it kinda scared me actually! *winks* Are you sure we're not Twins separated at Birth? I too had been patting Self on back for staying away from all online retail sites for a very, very long time... until Tonight, and I HAD to have a piece of wearable Art I discovered on Etsy from an Amazing Fabric Artist... which then led me to peruse E-Bay for the first time in about a Year... and discover a Rare Collectible that I really would like to add to my Collection of them should I become the successful bidder... it is indeed a slippery slope isn't it? I'll have to vow now to stay away for at least another Year! *winks* Awash in Beige my Friend... oh Lord, I'm so Sorry!!! And pulling up in front of the wrong Villa in a cookie cutter subdivision... LMAO, there are several Friends I can never find because they live in the Stepford Divisions... *Smiles* Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

    1. There is a very good possibility we just may have been twins separated at birth, Dawn - I am adopted! :D

      This is what happens when we get too smug, I suppose. Somebody lets us know that it is indeed a slippery slope once we succumb to our “addictions” yet again, even after what we deem to be a very long period of abstinence. ;o)

      Were you the successful bidder on your Rare Collectible? I hope so! Since this post, I've amassed quite the little collection of vintage sewing patterns, a brass top for the gryphon scale and a beautiful beaded and needlepoint pillow that requires a little love. I'm so looking forward to their arrival at the very Beige Rental. And now I should probably stop. LOL

  18. Firstly, I'm glad you survived the Polar Vortex (which always sounds to me like a really powerful Frost Mage spell, guaranteed to destroy your enemies. Secondly, yes to the griffin scales. Thirdly, thank you for visiting my blog and you really ought to search ebay for authentic-looking pieces to craft your own vampire Killing Kit.

    1. We've survived a couple of rounds of the DPV this year, Rhissanna ... I don't think we could have picked a worse winter to build if we'd tried! And I wonder who came up with the name Polar Vortex? A weatherman who also enjoys WOW?

      The gryphon scale is awesome, isn't it? I've since found the perfect brass scale pan from eBay Lithuania to go on top now, too.

      I think I will try making my own kit one day. You make it look like such fun, plus it's the perfect excuse to do more hunting and gathering on eBay, isn't it? ;o)