Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Tour of the Real Third-Floor Attic AND Paint it Black, Part I.V

Yet another example of the insomniac  having a great deal of difficulty sticking with a single subject, this week's post features a rather lengthy tour of the real third-floor attic, thrown together with a few of the Paint it Black projects completed thus far. Although barely a dent has been made in the list of things to be accomplished during the month-long hiatus from contract work, the few things that have been done actually live in the attic; hopefully the two seemingly diverse subjects actually work together on some level or another. To reiterate, it is a lengthy  tour - you might want to use the facilities and obtain a beverage of some sort from the scullery beforehand.

We'll begin our tour by ascending the treacherously steep stairwell to the attic. Mind your step, please.

They are steep, there is no handrail, and it truly
is a rare guest foolhardy enough to venture up them ...

Upon safely reaching the summit and having narrowly avoided plummeting down the stairs and out the second floor window to the flagstones below, you'll see one of the two dormer windows in the attic, although perhaps not quite as Dim and Dreary as this blog's tag line might suggest.  

The insomniac  is now anticipating your query as to why the walls are painted antique white and why it might seem as if she was attempting to emulate the shabby chic style of decorating; the reasoning behind light coloured walls was to accommodate her aging eyes, and that when sewing predominantly black or dark coloured fabric every little bit of light helps. Not to mention, the attic walls are so off-kilter that a patterned Wm. Morris wallpaper was out of the question. In an attempt to create a more Gothic ambiance, the walls were stenciled with a damask pattern that fades in and out, as if worn away by the ravages of time ... yet another brilliant idea that sounded infinitely better in one's head than its actualization.

The Size 12 Dummy

Definitely a few years (and a few pounds) ago ...

Looking to your right you'll notice the sewing table, which is actually an old dresser top salvaged by the spouse and laid on top of two filing cabinets. The insomniac  has now graciously removed the sewing machine and serger so you can have a better look at the newly painted top. As you can see, the Graphite chalk paint is a much softer black than the cabinets, which is why the sewing stool was repainted as well. So it looked less like an accident and more like it was planned.

Sewing Table and Stool

When you've finished looking, the insomniac  will replace the machines ...

To your left, you will see the non-functioning sewing table, which is really just one more  place to display yet another collection. You may have noticed there is an abundance of religious collectibles in the insomniac's  portion of the attic. It was suggested by the spouse that perhaps a few too many of these pieces had begun to accumulate on the first and second floors, and maybe she would like to create a display in an area of the Gothic Mansion where fewer people would see them, say, perhaps, her Sewing slash Crafting Area? This suggestion delivered in the nicest possible way, of course.

Non-Functioning Sewing Table

At this time, if you would kindly direct your attention to the right of the non-functioning sewing table, slightly above the comfy and very worn sewing chair, you will see one of the insomniac's  most beloved pictures. Take a small step to your left. Now take a small step to your right. Notice how, depending on the angle of viewing, the eyes will sometimes appear open and other times closed?  Rather unnerving, isn't it? Maybe you should look away now ...

Creepy Jesus, as he's affectionately known ...

To continue with our tour, just behind you is another of the completed Paint it Black projects - a cheap bookcase purchased for the eldest's room that has finally made its way up to the attic, which is where most of the shabbier carpeting and furniture eventually winds up. While it does look substantially better painted Graphite, might one recommend thinking long and hard before spending the time to refinish a piece of furniture as to whether it's actually worth it. Or not.

Cheap Bookshelf Before

Still a cheap bookshelf after - but painted Graphite.

Closeup of the Cheap Bookshelf Collection

Now, should you be expecting the remainder of today's tour will be nothing but pretty vignettes of the insomniac's  portion of the attic, well then, you may want to descend the treacherously steep stairwell to the second floor right this instant as this is most definitely not that kind of tour. And although one wishes the entire third floor looked like an article from the magazine Where Women Create wherein every studio is artfully decorated AND immaculate to boot, sadly, such is not the case here. As evidenced by the insomniac's drawing table right there behind you - and this on a good day.

The Medicine Chest Door

To be Revealed in Paint it Black, Part II.

The Sink

After cleaning the brushes used to paint the Medicine Chest Door.

Before proceeding to the next stage of the tour, the insomniac  would like to take this opportunity to point out that even though she has made a valiant attempt to organize her Hoard Supplies, there remain a few areas yet to be dealt with. Perhaps you might have some suggestions for a tidier way to store the frames awaiting a suitable print besides stuffing them in a cardboard box? Should you happen to think of something, please feel free to share these ideas with your tour guide prior to your departure from the attic.

You can see why with so many projects awaiting completion,
there is never any free time left for dusting, can't you?

So as not to end with ghastly images of messy drawing tables, filthy sinks and unfinished projects, the insomniac  has attempted to create a few last-minute artful displays for your viewing pleasure, similar to the ones in the magazines. If you'd be so kind as to step over here to the ironing board, you'll find some vintage silver trays filled with pieces that will eventually end up in some project or another - the beaded picture frames purchased specifically as samples for reproduction, and the furry mourning embellishment to be united somehow with the vintage fur coat you just saw resting on top of the mountain of cloth. A beautiful pillow or fur cape, perhaps? As for the rest, who knows ...

Artful Display Number I

Artful Display Number II

To end our tour, the second dormer window on the attic's east side, where a small portion of the Harley Davidson memorabilia is displayed. The insomniac  hopes you have enjoyed your visit to the real third-floor attic today, and would like to remind you to watch your step as you make your way down the treacherously steep stairwell to the second floor. The commode is down the hall and to your right.

The attic is beautiful with the sun streaming in,
despite the extremely dirty windows
which are terribly hard to reach for cleaning ...

Until next time, the insomniac  wishes you nights of blissful sleep filled with pleasant dreams. As for the insomniac herself, after bidding you farewell and bolting the front door behind you, she will head back up the treacherously steep stairwell to the attic, and add a final coat of paint to the Medicine Chest Door. Goodnight, my pretties.



  1. Oh, everything is so lovely in your attic <3

    ... part from the stairs :D Sis and her husband had a similar stairwell when they lived in England, and it was truly scary.

    1. Thank you, Heather! And yes, those stairs are a trifle scary some days when the ol' knees aren't functioning in top form! Next studio - main floor. LOL!

  2. Hello,

    Very nice. Question do you still have the creepy jesus painting?

    Thank you.

    1. Yes I do, Kyle. I doubt I shall ever get rid of it.

  3. My father has the same creepy Jesus painting! I. Don't think the frame is as pretty though. I can see why it's in the attic. My mother made my father put his in his office. Lol!

    1. I first saw the picture in New Mexico as we were on our way down to Disneyland. I always regretted not buying it, so I had to do a Google search to find out who the artist was so I could watch for one on eBay. I didn't get rid of CJ when we moved and now he's in the spare front bedroom our daughter sleeps in when she comes visit. Nobody likes that picture except me. ;)