Sunday, September 23, 2012

Gothic Fingerless Gloves, Part II

Bright and early Saturday morning, the insomniac  meandered up to the real third-floor attic to start on the Gothic Fingerless Glove Project, as promised last week. But just like her blog posts, which start out headed in a specific direction and generally wind up somewhere completely different, so went the day ...

Because the attic becomes unbearably hot by the end of June, any unfinished projects, newly purchased textiles, and eBay, thrift store and garage sale finds are rather hastily flung onto the Upstairs Staging Area (an old dining room table), to be dealt with once the weather becomes cool enough to allow the return to one's third-floor sanctuary. The first order of business was to organize the vast quantities of stuff that had been unceremoniously dumped throughout the summer, before one could even think  about starting a new project.

A completely staged picture - it actually looked much worse ...

A few hours later almost everything had been put away, apart from the Hallowe'en items purchased for the four weeks of giveaways, beginning October 7th. The creation of the Hallowe'en Gift Urn was such a delightful experience, the insomniac  is eager to repeat it an additional three times. And by October 28th, it's almost certain the fourth and final giveaway will be a gift certificate from the Attic because by then, the insomniac  is quite sure she'll be seriously contemplating flinging herself from the nearest dormer window.

Once the Upstairs Staging Area had been taken care of, it was time to start searching for the wool fabric. This necessitated looking through each and every suitcase that contains a portion of the rather impressive fabric collection. Eventually discovered in the very last one, it seemed like a reasonable idea to spend some time creating tags to identify the contents of each suitcase.

The monogrammed suitcases were the
Paternal Grandmother's, and the black one
belonged  to Aunt Lydia ...

It goes without saying that while searching for the wool, one also managed to spend a substantial amount of time sorting through each suitcase, pulling everything out then refolding it, all the while thinking about potential future projects.

The velvet silver polishing cloth will become
the centerpiece for a pillow one day ...

Fortunately, the wool collection was already neatly labelled, as one is well aware from past experience that one cannot rely on one's memory about which colour is which. As in, did one order the Antique Black or the Hallowed Black last time?

The Wool Collection

Selecting the Crushed Red Velvet and Antique Black wool, the insomniac  plugged in the iron. Then quickly unplugged it. Because over the summer, she had managed to forget the entire sole-plate was completely encrusted with black gunk, left behind by some unknown coating on the Melton wool used for the Potlatch Blanket Project. Four tubes of iron cleaner proved completely ineffective. Should you ever wish to eliminate black gunk encrusted on the bottom of your iron, the insomniac  highly recommends Kuhn Rikon Swiss Pot Cleaner, a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, and roughly 45 minutes of your time.

As the insomniac  was already in the kitchen cleaning the iron, it seemed an opportune moment to clean the kitchen sink. An additional 15 minutes down the drain, so to speak.

With the wool located and selected, and both iron and kitchen sink cleaned, the insomniac  settled herself in front of the computer, ostensibly to enlarge the fingerless glove pattern and find a suitable stencil. Since she was already there, what harm could there be in checking out a few Blogs and Facebook Pages to see if there was anything new ...

By now it was 3:00 p.m. and, due to an unseasonably warm autumn, approximately 46°C in the attic. The insomniac   decided to retire to the veranda to complete the project. Once seated, she noticed the accumulation of dust and dead leaves on the veranda floor, then started thinking about the guests coming for coffee and cinnamon buns the following day and, well, one can sense you already know where this is heading. 

This is as far as the insomniac  got before
the inevitable change in direction ...

Because the insomniac  feels bad about breaking her promise of a tutorial on Gothic Fingerless Gloves, she has included pictures of some armwarmers she made for sale last year.

These ones sold - as did the Black & Olive, Black & Red,
Black & Grey, and Black & Burgundy pairs ...

These ones did not ...

Today, after her guests have finished their coffee and cinnamon buns on the veranda and departed, the insomniac  fully intends to deal with the remaining giveaway items on the Downstairs Staging Area (the real dining room table), along with the shipment of Hallowe'en decorations that arrived this week. But as they say, “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”

Until next time, the insomniac  wishes you nights of blissful sleep filled with pleasant dreams. Should anyone be interested in a pair of brown armwarmers, drop the insomniac  a line and she'll gladly send them to you. Because she NEVER wears brown. Goodnight, my pretties.



  1. I love this post! I hate tidying up, but if I have an assignment to do, tidying up becomes strangely alluring, nay, essential!

    I think those brown gloves are beautiful, but alas, I am allergic to wool. Which really sucks, actually, because there are some really nice things made of wool, including a lovely jacket I found, that I am going to try and add some extra lining to the exposed wool bits so it does not irritate my neck. Also keeping warm in winter is difficult :( I suppose I am just lucky I am not a sheep.

    The gloves you are making look gorgeous, too!

    1. Thank you, Laura!

      And the insomniac  was thinking you might be the one person who would actually like the brown armwarmers. What a shame you are allergic to wool! Hopefully adding the extra lining will solve the issue with your jacket. :o)

  2. You made me laugh a lot with your post darling. It´s SO typical to walk far away form your original idea when it comes to procrastination.
    I totally can identify with you!

    But I hope you will post the tutorial some day. Your crafts always look very polish :)


    1. Violette, that is so kind of you!

      And yes, one day the tutorial will be published. But honestly, one is quite certain there will be a change in the stencil pattern before proceeding to the next step. However long that may take! ;o)

  3. I get similarly distracted from projects too- especially going through boxes and rediscovering things I had forgotten about :) But the red arm warmers look amazing so far, as do the previous ones you made!

    1. Thank you so much, AE!

      Frankly, the insomniac  is always rather amazed when she actually manages to complete a project. Although it definitely occurs more often in winter, when it's -30°C outside ... :D

  4. Wow, those gloves *are* gorgeous - very elegant!

    1. Oooh, thank you Michelle!

      But you may want to reserve judgement until after they're completed. A great many things could go wrong between now and then! :P

  5. I am so jealous of your amazing fabric collection! I want! And I want to store it all in vintage suitcases in my attic!!!

    Your attic didn't seem that bad, but you could be ike me with a mild form of OCD where I have to have everything picked up just so before diving into any major projects. I'd probably waste the entire day not getting projects done through the same series of events and thoughts you had. Heck, that's probably why my sister's Halloween costume, which I started in May, still isn't done yet...

    1. Oh yes, quite probably OCD! The nightly bedtime ritual of checking the doors are all locked, the oven turned off, etc. etc. etc. Settled comfortably in bed and secure in the knowledge that all is well, the spouse will then say, “Do you think the stove is still on? Because I think I smell something burning ...” Because he knows the insomniac will HAVE to get up and repeat the entire process before being able to get to sleep. Quite the jokester, he is ... :D

  6. I want those gloves! And all of that lovely fabric! And vintage suitcases to put the fabric in!

    I hate letting cleaning get int he way of my projects, but that happens more often than I'd like to admit. No wonder my sister's Halloween costume, which I started in May, still isn't done yet...

    Thanks for the tip on cleaning an iron- I have one that definitely needs some work on it and had no idea where to start!

    1. So when you say you want those gloves - do you mean the brown ones or the black and red ones? Because if you'd like the brown ones, they could be sent to you along with your Pen Pal letter, which one plans on completing this weekend ... ;o)

  7. Oh, the brown ones. They are so lovely. So are the red ones, but I don't have enough brown accessories in my closet, and know I can get a hold of red ones, lame as they may be compared to the mad sewing skills of the Insomniac....

    I am shameless, I know. :)

    1. Oooooh - the mad sewing skills of the insomniac - it has a kind of ring to it, doesn't it? Mwahaha!

      Will get the Pen Pal letter written during lunch, and everything into the mail to you tonight! :D

    2. You're the best! I officially love you! (comapred to what I told my coworker when he successfully pawned a made-up technical term on me today). :)

      And yes, "mad sewing skills of the Insomniac" has a delicious ring to it. :)

    3. It's lunch time. Guess what the insomniac  is doing ... reading Blog Posts and FB pages. It'll be a short Pen Pal letter, but it WILL be in the mail tonight and that's a promise! :D

  8. I enjoyed this story - but the opposite happens to me - the husband sends me in to clean my craft room and suddenly I'm inspired to carve a stamp, or write a letter or three...I am always distracted from my cleaning duties. That craft room is endlessly in a mess!

    1. Perhaps the insomniac just started out headed in the wrong direction. Maybe if she went upstairs with the intent to clean, she'd get more projects done, too! ;o)