Sunday, April 14, 2013

Black Baroque Luxuries

Several years ago, the insomniac  stumbled across a blog called Chintz of Darkness - the creation of two gifted artists, Seraph and Splendor. It was a design blog unlike anything seen before, dark and opulent, and the very antithesis of the usual beige decorating blogs. Immediately smitten, the insomniac  became a devoted reader, and could often be heard exclaiming in the dead of night (in hushed tones, of course) such things as “I have that book!” or “That's my favourite artist, too!” or “They have a tapestry just like mine!”

Seraph and Splendor

Just before Hallowe'en of 2010, Seraph and Splendor opened an Etsy shop called Black Baroque Luxuries. And since that time, the insomniac  and her PayPal account have been doomed. The minute any spare cash is available in the account (which doesn't occur as often as one would like) a new piece is procured. After months of careful deliberation, the Ophelia Mourning Pillow was chosen for the first purchase. Almost as delightful as the pieces themselves are S&S's descriptions - especially their masterful use of the ellipsis, of which the insomniac  herself is so fond ...

Much inspired by Ophelia’s final slumber amid the water’s embrace, this cushion is fit for a queen or a coffin. Reminiscent of water lilies and river reeds, an iridescent ribbon trim surrounds a silver collage of vintage jewelry. A trim of round abalone shell baubles drip from the rich blackened teal velvet ground fabric while at the center, an amethyst eye sheds drops of crystal tears …”

The Ophelia Mourning Pillow

Closeup of Centerpiece

It matches the wallpaper,
and the print it sits beneath, perfectly ...

How fitting that one's favourite print
and favourite pillow go so well together ...

A few months later, the Oracle of the Horned Star was added ...

“This ritual object, resplendent in amber, russet and gold, was conjured from many oddities scattered throughout our Obsidian Halls. First, an unusual spindly brass base, mirror-like yet clouded in mystery; next a gilded plaque of dubious function; and lastly, a small skull dripping in sentience … Glittering obsidian eyes, unusually lifelike, glisten with silver diamond tears.”

Oracle of the Horned Star

The Horned Oracle in its
Permanent Position of Prominence on the Piano

A nice alliteration is almost as good as an ellipsis ...

S&S thoughtfully included a gift with the Oracle - a beautiful satchel in colours perfect for display in the eldest's former bedroom; after the hundreds of tiny holes, from where he'd spent hours perfecting his knife throwing skills, had been repaired and the room repainted.

The Unnamed Satchel

It was almost as if they'd seen the room (after repainting),
and knew the satchel would be perfect ...

The most recent piece, purchased in February and being the very last package delivered to the Gothic Mansion before the insomniac  actually started adhering to her unwritten rule of no more purchases until after the move - the Death's Cameo Coffin Cushion ...

“Perhaps unearthed from an unholy crypt or stolen from a cemetery, this coffin cushion is quite wicked in every way. At the center, a brass cameo frame adorned with an exquisite vintage floral brooch, a small skull amid its petals … wisps of tulle and tatters of silk (in tones of burgundy, cobwebs and grave dust) make this deathly cameo complete. This cushion is slightly elongated beyond proper proportions and is perfect for a favorite couch or casket. Shall you be the one to set it in its final resting place?”

Death's Cameo Coffin Cushion

In its final resting place for another month or so.

And then it shall be buried, then exhumed,
then redisplayed in its FINAL final resting place ...

And after the move, when the moratorium on new purchases has been lifted and one is able to resume her collecting on eBay and Etsy with a clear conscience, perhaps then the Briar Rose Ottoman will become the next piece added to the collection. On second thought, maybe the Death's Pearl Coffin Cushion. Or possibly Lady Death's Looking Glass. But whichever one is eventually chosen, their acquisition(s) will be deferred for the time being. Because if the long-suffering spouse spots the mailman coming up the front steps with even one more package, he might just decide to move without the insomniac  AND ALL HER STUFF.

In the meantime, a person would be wise to closely examine all the exquisite items available in Seraph and Splendor's Etsy Shop. Because the moratorium won't last forever, you know.

Until next time, the insomniac  wishes you nights of blissful sleep filled with pleasant dreams. Goodnight, my pretties.


PostScript: All plans of sticking to the regular weekly posting schedule have been temporarily abandoned. Although the listing date for the house was originally set for June 1st, the realtor has suggested May 1st would be better. And even though it's highly unlikely we'll be able to meet that deadline, the semi-leisurely schedule one had created for preparing the house for sale has also been abandoned, and replaced with one that's not nearly as leisurely ...