Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Life in the Spooky Forest ...

Well, the Little Gothic Cottage hasn't progressed quite as far as we'd hoped it would have by now, especially considering winter probably isn't that far off. After the land purchase at the end of May, it took a further 2 weeks to get the title transferred and an additional 10 weeks for approval of the development permit - approval of the conservatory and carriage house permits are still pending. Many thanks to Storybook Homes for working so diligently this past weekend redrawing the plans to meet county requirements. Fingers crossed they'll pass this week, although none of us are terribly optimistic.

So far, the hole has been dug; happily, hardly any trees needed cutting. The deer are an inquisitive bunch and, judging by the amount of hoof prints in the hole, they have already investigated every corner quite thoroughly. This week the cribbing will be complete and all being well, the foundation poured.

There's Kevin, digging our basement ... Hiya, Kevin!

Nice job ... Thanks, Kevin!

Although the insomniac  had grandiose plans for renovating the Crappy Little Trailer in the Spooky Forest, she spends far more time than she could ever have imagined possible just sitting around enjoying the forest, instead of putting those plans into action. Obviously, adjusting to a life of retirement hasn't been all that difficult for her.

After the spouse's grizzly bear encounter, everyone's preferred seating choice for forest enjoyment is the chair backed up against the trailer, with the unobstructed view on the remaining three sides.

The Crappy Little Trailer in the Spooky Forest ...

Although the Crappy Little Trailer might not be very aesthetically pleasing at the moment, the campsite boasts all the necessary luxuries ...

The Coffeemaker

The Dishwasher

The Microwave

The Beer Fridge

Which only works properly after a hailstorm ...

The Spooky Forest is slowly starting to look more like home. The gryphons formerly resident on the Gothic Mansion's veranda were relocated to their very own tree stumps, guarding the entrance. A week later, they abandoned their duties and ran away into the forest; either that or someone driving past decided they liked the pair as much as we did. However it all went down, the gryphons, plus a ladder they must have used for their escape, are no longer with us.

We're going to miss you guys.

The ladder - not so much ...

The spouse started moving some of his bird houses. After the Gryphon Incident, they will now be firmly nailed to their respective tree stumps.

New playground for the chipmunks and squirrels ...

We've been spending an inordinate amount of time getting acquainted with our new neighbours. The cute ones ...

Mr. Caterpillar ...

Mr. Owl ...

Mrs. Deer ...

Mr. Squirrel ...

He joins us for Happy Hour every day at 3:00 p.m.

And the not-so-cute ... The Bugs of Alberta book lists a mere four or five species of arachnids. In our short time there we have already encountered, at the very least, an additional three thousand varieties ...

This species' habitat is inside the trailer,
preferring any spot as long as it's only inches away
from the insomniac's  sleeping face ...

Mr. Spider before a good meal ...

Mr. Spider after a good meal ...

He bears an uncanny resemblance to the insomniac 
after a large steak, baked potato and a few beer.
Bloated and lethargic.

Despite the insomniac's  original assumption that she would be most likely to meet her doom in the Spooky Forest from a cougar attack or Zombie Apocalypse, she is now almost certain her ignominious end will be via cardiac arrest, brought about by her failure to adhere to The Most Important Rule of the Spooky Forest:

Before getting comfortably settled in the portapotty
make sure to diligently check all areas in one's immediate vicinity
else run the risk of having the resident Potty Spider
(one of the above-mentioned three thousand varieties)
descend slowly from the ceiling directly in front of one's face
at the most inopportune moment possible. 

And should she not expire from heart failure at that very moment then most probably it will be from starvation, since there's no possible way of escaping without brushing against that nasty-looking arachnid on the way out ...

The Potty Spider is quite intelligent, really.

It's not like there's a lack of flies on Mr. P. Potty.

Until next time, the insomniac  wishes you nights of blissful sleep filled with pleasant dreams. Goodnight, my pretties.



  1. Qh my, where do I start? But first; Welcome back Ms Insomniac!

    Now - GRIZZLY BEAR ENCOUNTER?? Did I miss it, did you write about it?

    That spider clinging to the port-a-potty - Jesus Christ! Look at that fat body! Eeuuuwwwwhhooooaaa

    But - Newcastle. Then nothing can be all bad :) Go on, skip the crappy trailer renovation and enjoy things as much as you can. Soon enough you will be creating a whole new home.

    And speaking of, I just told Cinnamon man how exciting it is to follow the construction of your new fairy tale home from scratch.

    1. Oh yeah - the bastards stealing your decorations. I'm so sorry! It's such a quick, easy and brainless thing to do. It's so sad how many people can't imagine, or just don't care, the hurt they do others when they act this way.

    2. LOL, thanks Ms. Misantropia - good to be back!

      The Grizzly Bear Encounter happened about a month ago ... the spouse was sitting in the chair without the 360° view, looked up and saw a pair of deer walking up the road next to him. A few minutes later, the bear walked up the road after them. The spouse just sat in the chair and didn't move until about 15 minutes after the bear had gone. There's a lovely photo of the present he left behind in the previous post - in case you'd like to see what a grizzly eats! LOL

      Newcastle was a favourite right up until the insomniac  discovered a new-to-her beer at the new liquor store - oh my, the selection! It's called Innis & Gunn - the Rum Finish one is awesome. 7.4% for goodness sakes - you must try it! :D

      As for the gryphons, they were kind of a test. And now we know that we really do need to put up a locking gate. :o(

      Any word from Immigration yet on Cinnamon Man's status?

    3. No reply yet, but we are suddenly getting calls about additions to our request, so we are expecting one any day now...

      I LOVE Innis & Gunn Rum!

      How is the foundation progressing?

    4. Additions to the request are a positive thing one hopes, with all her fingers and toes crossed for you?! :o)

      It's a good thing summer is just about over, Ms. Misantropia - the amount of beer consumed during this all-too-brief season has been astronomical this year. It's amazing how thirsty one gets just sitting around watching the wildlife!

      Slowly. Ever so slowly. But we are being reassured that everything will be closed in by the time winter hits and work will progress on the inside right through until spring. Probably the insomniac  should learn to chill. ;o)

  2. LOVE the update and pics!! As for the Gryphons, I'm sorry for your loss... People can be SO mean (although I suppose they COULD have been hijacked by an art-loving deer or bear, I sincerely doubt it).

    I am a recovering arachnophobe, and I thought I was doing pretty well. However, after seeing your Potty Spider, I've decided I'm not as recovered as I thought I was! BLEAHHHHH!!!!

    I hope your revised house plans are approved, and that your new home is soon open to rescue you from Nature! ;-)

    1. Thank you, Lucretia! :o)

      Thankfully, the gryphons were not terribly expensive. Kind of funny they lasted 10 years in the city without being stolen, but only a week in the country! It's far nicer to think of them being hijacked by some art-loving wildlife though, isn't it?

      The insomniac  is not a huge fan of large spiders, either. They are fascinating creatures to watch, however ... at a distance. Soon enough, all the insects will be dead, or hibernating, or whatever it is they do in the winter. And hopefully by the time they re-emerge next spring, the house will be ready. Of course, they'll probably all just move into the house with us. LOL

  3. OMG what horrible monsters :'( I relate, since our house is a happy home to the biggest spider in Finland... I too check every corner of the loo before bravely entering, preferably holding a shoe for emergency defense... But something good has come from living with big spiders: the little ones no longer scare me :D

    1. Oh no - the biggest spider in Finland, Heather? You poor thing! That must make it rather difficult to have a long, leisurely soak in the tub if you're constantly having to look about to make sure the thing isn't ready to fall in there with you!

      But you're right, the little ones are a piece of cake, now! :D

  4. I wasn't expecting to see a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale when I started reading this post.
    Hope it went down well...!

    The caravan looks great from here.
    Looking forward to the next instalment..!

    1. Newcastle used to be the insomniac's  favourite - right up until she discovered Innis & Gunn a couple of weeks ago. The Original and Rum Finish are her new favourites now! Really hoping we get the seasonal Spiced Rum Finish and Treacle Porter at Christmas time over here - that would make for a Very Merry Christmas in the Crappy Little Trailer! LOL

      There have been a few small improvements to the inside of the trailer. Pictures soon, Ray! :D

  5. Lol! Now how do you expect us to get a good night's sleep when you end your post with THAT story?! Thankfully, I am reading this during the day, while safely tucked in an office building that's far too cold to sustain most forms of life! ;)

    Such a shame about the gryphons. I thought there was some kind of code against such behavior when you retreat away from metropolitan areas. I hope a new decorative species of some equally awesome variety shows up to grace those tree stumps in their place!

    Very nice basement, btw! Looks like it still needs some work before it will function as an adequate storm shelter, but you have to start somewhere... ;D

    1. LOL, so there are some benefits to working in an over air-conditioned office building then!

      After the first incident of waking up in the morning and wondering what the heck that large black thing next to her head was, fumbling for the glasses and discovering what that large black thing really was, the insomniac  admits she had more trouble than usual falling asleep for a while herself, Ms. Kitty. She hasn't moved that quickly since her twenties!

      It's funny, we both thought it would be different in the country, too. All the city friends said, “Oh, you can't leave those gryphons out there - they'll be stolen!” and we're all, “No way, people in the country don't steal!”. Joke's on us, apparently. Now we're thinking of just getting a large padlocked wrought iron gate with gryphons on it. Because who'd be able to steal that? Although a gate with spiderwebs might be more appropriate. And who'd WANT to steal that? ;o)

  6. This fabulous saga is simultaneously hilarious and terrifying! Did I miss the encounter with a grizzly? When did that happen?

    As long as you've got a means to make coffee, and cold beer on hand, the fanciness of the "mod cons" doesn't really matter, right?!! ;D I'm sorry about the gryphons disappearing though! That sucks!

    1. Thankfully, the insomniac  was in Cochrane at the Zombie Run and missed the grizzly encounter completely last month! But once the spouse told her what had happened, she contacted Fish & Wildlife IMMEDIATELY, and they advised that because Mr. Bear had eaten a couple of Mr. Farmer's sheep, he had been captured and relocated farther out into the wilderness. Not gonna lie, Little Gothic Horrors - it will be a relief when the bears are hibernating - six whole months of not having to worry about running across one of them!

      Coffee and cold beer - really, does a person need any more than that? The only downside of both though, is that one has to use that darned portapotty more often. ;o)

    2. Hahaha. Your portapotty is the scariest part of this whole adventure! ;)

    3. You got that right, LGH! That's the one “mod con” I really miss when we're out there! :D

  7. SUCH a beautiful location, and such beautiful animals!
    Being an Australian, I'm not so keen on your spidery friends - they're scary around here!!

    1. It's really easy to spend an entire day just watching the animals, Michelle. Just this week we were enjoying squirrel/chipmunk wars - it's better than TV! The squirrel was pulling out all of the chipmunk's bedding from the new nest he'd just built himself in the hollow tree and throwing it on the ground, while screeching at the chipmunk the entire time. It was like watching the angry wife throw the cheating husband's clothes out the bedroom window. Should have taken a video. Oh, and that bedding would be all the cotton the chipmunk had ripped out of the inside of our barbecue cover, BTW - which was also very funny to watch! :D

      Thank goodness we only have two poisonous spiders in Alberta - doesn't Australia have like 98% of the world's most poisonous spiders and snakes? Good Lord, a person would never want to go outside over there!!

    2. Awww, cute little squirrel & chipmunk!!

      Yep, scary spiders abound here ... though lucky for us, South Australia isn't quite as infested as other parts of the country ;)

  8. What a terrible shame to have those stolen =/ ... they were so beautiful.
    But how good to see your cottage is progressing very well! How exciting!

    I'm afraid I'm yet another soul who's heart either stops or beats profusely when I encounter the eight-legged kinds. I once had a close encounter of the potty kind, as well... only this one was IN the toilet... sufficed to say I ran out of the bathroom screaming-- never again to use that particular one, even today.

    1. It was a shame, but one could probably find another pair on eBay without much difficulty, Madame MM. But maybe we'll wait until we can put them a little closer to the house. ;o)

      Oh my goodness - IN THE TOILET! Now that is horrific. A person should probably start banging that bathroom seat a bit before settling in, just to be sure. And the Potty Spider seems to have relocated himself yesterday - he's no longer in his little web up in the corner. That's a little scary. Wonder where he went? ;o)

  9. Oooh, a basement. Or do you mean dungeon? Will there be room for prisoners?

    I like the little brazier!

    Oh, no, not the gryphons! I think they must have come alive and flown away, perhaps back to your old house?

    That birdhouse reminds me of the bird eating birdhouse in some weird music video I saw once. Just thought I would warn you!

    I still have a grudge against spiders because the last one I killed, I was holding the shoe at a bad angle, my fingernail hit the floor and kind of tore off the nailbed a bit. Luckily it reattached and my nail did not fall off. It was insanely painful, though, and I thought I had broken my finger at first, the pain was so bad!

    1. What a brilliant idea - a dungeon! Be prepared for a new Pinterest Board called “Ideas for Decorating your Dungeon” ...

      That little brazier is so old, the door is starting to fall off. But we love it, and not just because of the flat top for heating up the coffee! We can't find another to replace it, so we'll just have to wire the door back on when it finally does go. ;o)

      A bird-eating birdhouse, eh? Where do you find these videos, Laura!?! And how can you ever sleep at night after watching them? LOL

      I hope that spider that caused your torn nail had a painful end! Little jerk. Or, more probably, big jerk. ;o)

  10. I'm glad to see that you're adjusting so well to your new home in the Spooky Forest. But there's already been an encounter with a grizzly? Hmm... I guess my concern about that was spot on. Judging from the photos you've provided here though, I'd say that things are coming along quite nicely. The waiting period for all of the necessary permits must seem excruciatingly slow, but it looks like it's working out.

    I'm sorry about the gryphons. I would prefer to think that they took to the skies in order to protect your new homestead. Believing that they were stolen, and possibly by new neighbors is not a pleasant thought.

    1. Yes, apparently it has been an active year for grizzlies, partially due to all the flooding, Nightwind. Now the bears have access to lots of rotting fish to fatten up on, rather than just berries. They've had to close some areas of Banff National Park to avoid human/bear encounters. Ah well, only another few months and they'll all be hibernating! :o)

      It's nicer to think they took to the skies ... one had high hopes it would be a kinder, gentler place in the country compared to the city. :P

  11. Awwww, why would anyone steal the gryphons? What jerks. And wait a minute, GRIZZLY BEAR encounter? Whoooaaaa, I don't blame the residents of the Crappy Little Trailer to grab the seats closest to said trailer. I'm hoping someone has a shot gun to pop off into the sky to scare Mr. or Ms. Bear. Or pots and pans to bang? Something loud? I love the coffee maker, I have the same one. It was part of my inheritance from my Pop. The microwave is to die for .... Hope you've been making some s'mores with that puppy. ;) that's hail? Holy crap!

    Darling, I am so envious! That place looks amazing! Simply divine .... Spiders and all. Hope the county approves everything and all goes well. Muah!

    1. Seriously, we never figured anybody in the country would be even slightly interested in gryphons, Professor!

      And yeah, nobody likes the chair with its back to the road anymore ... that's where the spouse was sitting reading when the bear walked past him! We should probably just move all the chairs in a tight little u-shape, all of them with their backs up against the trailer! We do have bear spray (in the trailer, duh) and Fish & Wildlife suggested an air horn might be a good purchase. ;o)

      Awww, you have your Pop's camping equipment? We still have the parent's original Coleman stove, too. We can't find their old campfire toaster though ... The youngest definitely makes s'mores when she comes out. Amazingly, that's the one sweet the insomniac  has never developed a taste for! LOL

      It is divine ... we are so lucky. So very, very lucky. :o)

      Hope you're doing well these days, Professor. Not an easy time. ♥

  12. Gryphon thieves. What is the world coming to?

    I think I must be the only person alive who truly doesn't care about spiders. I don't even dust the cobwebs in my bathroom. Maybe it's a job hazard.

    Can't wait to see it as it progresses!

    1. Can you imagine the bad karma one would incur for stealing gryphons? Horribly bad, one would think.

      To be completely truthful, there were plenty of cobwebs in the corners of the Gothic Mansion's ceilings before she went up for sale, Tante F. But city spiders seem to be quite a bit smaller than country spiders! They are fascinating to watch though, and hopefully after another year - or two or three - they won't cause quite as many heart palpitations when discovered next to one's face as they do now! :D

  13. Wow, the digging is so neatly done. Nice to se a progress even if it seems to be a small one, I understand that it was a lot of planning and paperwork before. I think your trailer is a fantastic little place with the beautiful fireplace (microwave) and other facilities, even a natural freezer. At first I wondered how on earht you got the ice until I read hailstorm, those balls are huge! Did they destroy something for you? I'm also very fond of newcastle, specially with a bit of chocolate :).
    I'm so sorry for your loss of the gryphons :/ it is a problem everywhere it seems. Some have even lost their statues inside their garden. I would love to see a closer look of your husbands birdhouses, it look so cute that one in the photo.
    You have a wonderful wildlife around your trailer, expect from grizzlys.

    1. Kevin was definitely good at his job, Linnea-Maria! Watching him perched on top of that little mound of dirt with that large machine was quite something!

      As much as one makes fun of that little trailer, it's quite adorable inside and very enjoyable to live in. One had contemplated painting the outside of it but, as you may be able to tell from the picture, it had already sustained massive hail damage when we bought it, and probably a bit more from the Beer Freezer Hailstorm, too! So somehow it doesn't really seem like a good use of time, trying to fix up the outside. :D

      Newcastle with chocolate? That sounds like something to try next time!

      Theft is a problem ... even in the country, it seems. A post on birdhouses coming up! That one and one other are the only two we're taking with us - the rest will stay on the fenceposts at the Gothic Mansion. But we'll take some pictures before we go and do a post on all of them!

      The wildlife is wonderful to watch. Except the grizzlies. ;o)

  14. So good to see an update! :) Yay, soon a cellar! I think the deers were just checking things out and hopefully they approved. ^^ So nice to have animals so close, I think that squirrel will be a good friend for many, many years. :D That owl looks huge?!
    HAHA! xD Yeah, that would probably be the end of me too, meeting a "blob" like that, THAT close to your face, lol. The spider in the first picture looks alot like the ones we have here... the ninja-spiders! They jump around and move like attacking ninjas! xD I have no idea what they are really called.

    Love your microwave and dishwasher! :D I would love to live like that in the warm time of the year, IF there would be no spiders AT ALL! Lol, right.
    I hope everything works out the way you plan and that you have time to get some things done before winter comes.

    1. Thank you, Sandra!

      One always thought deer were quite shy, but they're actually quite nosy! The other day one snuck up behind us, but then stepped on a twig, alerting us to its presence. We whipped around in our chairs (all the while thinking BEAR!), and he bounded off. If we hadn't turned around, one wonders how close he would have come? LOL

      That squirrel is definitely our buddy! Seriously, when we sit down in the afternoon for our first beer of the day, he's on that stone sunning himself and sleeping for two or three hours. Not scared in the slightest! Pretty sure the owl is a Great Horned Owl - he was massive!

      Ninja spiders is right, Sandra - it's creepy watching how fast they move around on their webs. Ewwwww. We seem to have a lot of the same sort of plants and bugs as you do ... we're in the Boreal Forest region. Maybe Sweden is too?

  15. Oh my word, so its all go now eh? I love your new "appliances" Wonderfully energy efficient I'm sure. I'm sorry to hear the local mosquito population has taken a liking to you. Yes, I just saw your comment over on Country in the City. I trust they didn't bring that other gang, The Blackflies, with them? I am going to assume the dodgy stove you mentioned some time ago has either a) been replaced or b) no longer a potential threat to your respiratory system.

    Looking forward to hearing and seeing more!


    1. Finally a go! Well, all except for the Carriage House and Conservatory still. Pffft.

      The mosquitoes have been bad in the city this year too, Ali. Maybe because of all the flooding? But yeah, it will be nice when they're all dead and gone. No blackflies, luckily. The spouse was born in Goose Bay - I've heard STORIES about those blackflies. Although we do have Giant Wood Wasps. You should Google those ones. Gawd. ;o)

      We had a mobile RV repair guy come out and check the stove and furnace, and he gave us the thumbs up! However, it's looking like we'll have to rent for six months now that we're two months behind where we'd hoped to be. Living in a trailer in December is one thing - January, February and March - whole other story!

  16. Oh my God... the Spiders looks really creepy... I don't like Spiders so much... and this ones... brrrrrrrr... we will be never good friends... the spiders and me... never...

    ... but the Squirrel... and... oooooh... the caterpillar are soooooooooo cute... and the owl an the other neighbours of course, too...

    The crappy little trailer looks cozy... somehow... a little bit... I like him and how you have decorated and arranged all these things... absolutely great!!!

    1. And that's only about one-fifth of the different kinds of spiders we've seen - so far! Just hoping none of them like living inside Little Gothic Cottages, but that's probably too much to hope for, right? ;o)

      The squirrels and the chipmunks are so cute, Madame Kismet. And one hasn't seen that kind of caterpillar since she was a little girl. The youngest had never seen one before - she was impressed! :D

      It is a cozy little trailer, really. We had planned to sell it after we moved into the cottage, but we've become quite attached to it. It may end up staying! :D

  17. My stars, an eight-legged guest in the loo like that would scare the living daylights out of me as well! I'm not a spider person one iota, however I do enjoy the company (or at least seeing) of the other awesome woodland critters you posted here.

    Fingers and toes crossed as firm as can be that permits you need get approved.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much for the tremendously sweet invitation to tea (I'm so touched!). If it seems like such will be possible while we're in Calgary, I will be sure to let you know well in advance, lovely lady. ♥

    1. Yesterday morning, the Potty Spider was no longer in his web. His absence is even more unnerving than his presence. Because one can't help but think, where on earth is he hiding NOW? ;o)

      At least most of the permitting is approved and the builder can get started. It would be really discouraging if we weren't able to get going on absolutely anything!

      It would be lovely to meet you if you have the chance, Jessica! Although time does tend to get away on a person when they're on holidays, doesn't it? Still - the offer is open. :o)

  18. Wow! You don't fool around! Building a house seems almost too monumental to even begin thinking of where to start!
    Your campsite is very charming! I'm so sad your griffins vanished. Strange to think they were safe in the city, but not in the country! BTW I wired the welcome sign you gave me to nails behind it. It'll take some skill & wire cutters to get it off.

    1. Yeah, there's going to be some big decisions to be made around here pretty soon, Mme. Polaire! Still, it's the kind of decision-making the insomniac  thrives on - what colour for the stucco, what colour for the stone, what colour for the eavestrough. But since it's all going to be grey and black, it makes it all so much easier! LOL

      We said the exact same thing about the gryphons - they lasted forever in the city and barely a week in the country! Next time, we'll have to do some serious wiring down just like you have! ;o)

  19. Oh my gosh! This is a HUGE venture! I wish you all the best and it does make my efforts to change just one room into rather small potatoes. I love the spiders. I'm really sorry about the griffins. And I'm rather worried about the bears. Thank you for popping over to my Steampunk study blog and thank you for admiring the gothically ugly wallpaper.

    1. LOL, the insomniac  would never underestimate the effort it takes to change just one small room, Rhissanna. After all, it's taken her and her long-suffering spouse over 26 years to renovate the Gothic Mansion. And your Steampunk Study Blog is delightful - it just always takes a while to muster up the courage to comment. ;o)

      Really? You love the spiders? :O

      Probably when the insomniac  starts posting the before and after pictures of the Gothic Mansion's renovation here in the next few weeks, you'll understand exactly why she loves that gothically ugly wallpaper and why she was a little disappointed to find out she probably wouldn't be able to order any for the cottage! :D

  20. OMG I want a squirrel too! Your life in the trailer seems rather cozy I must say xD

    And I do hope Mr.Spider will keep his 8 legs away from you :P

    1. Isn't he the cutest? It's a toss-up between him and the chipmunks as to which is cuter. But seeing the damage they do to the cushions we HAD on the chairs, one realizes that she shouldn't ever get too friendly with them for fear they'd like to take up residence inside the house, and do the same amount of damage to the insulation and furniture in there! LOL

      They're all disappearing now, Lesthi - it's getting pretty cold out there in the mornings. Another week or two and they'll all be gone to wherever it is they go in the winter. Probably inside trailers. :P

  21. Yay! Ground-breaking! You're getting there.

    Thank you for the trailer pictures! It's adorable. Love all the scenes from your peaceful camp, as well. That is the wildest-looking spider I have ever seen! Watch you hindquarters there!

    A mountain lion joined our party as an uninvited guest this weekend. Luckily it had the good manners to stay about a couple hundred feet away. All was well and the lion screaming added some adventure. I wonder how I would have liked to be in the house alone or with the young progeny. Perhaps I would start parking the car right next to the front door.

    1. Yay is right, lightning x! Slowly but surely, we are getting there! :D

      Just finishing up the last of the new curtains and a redo of the cabinet tops this week, and there will be a progress report of the interior trailer upgrades soon! Not a whole lot accomplished this year, that's for sure! LOL

      Oh no, a mountain lion? Aren't they supposed to be terribly shy and prefer not to come in contact with people? Didn't he know the rules? Parking the car right next to the front door actually sounds like a good idea. We were thinking the garage should be hidden away in the forest so we didn't have to look at it, but having it nice and close to the house is probably a really good idea. Apparently, the surveyor is smarter than we are! ;o)

  22. That squirrel is utterly adorable.

    1. We haven't seen him sunning himself on the stones for a few weeks ... really miss the little guy, Caitlin! :D