Wednesday, April 23, 2014

So Long (for Now) ...

Come Saturday, we will be vacating the Boring Beige Rental, which only just recently (and one would never have thought it possible) is now being referred to as the Beautiful Beige Rental, often used in combination with these entirely unexpected sentences ... “I love it here! Please don't make me leave!!!”

Has it been six months already?

Time flies when you're sitting around knitting endless pairs of socks in a comfy recliner.
And having hot showers and doing laundry whenever you please.

The behemoth of a computer and printer cannot come with us, and is being packed up for storage tomorrow.

Blatant self promotion. Sorry.

We will be moving to this quaint hotel, built in 1904 and having rather sketchy wi-fi service. Thank heaven there's a saloon. 

Thursday, April 16th.

Is that a sprinkling of snow?
Why yes. It is.

While there, the insomniac  will be following your blogs on a much tinier tablet; if she refrains from commenting on your posts, it's because she's having difficulty typing on it. And if she does attempt a comment, please cut her some slack for the multitude of typos she will most assuredly make.

Haven't quite mastered the whole Touch Screen thing ...

And once it finally quits snowing (we're hoping by late June) and we're not up to our hips in mud, we will relocate back to the Crappy Little Trailer in the Spooky Forest. But clearly not until we figure out where to put all the stuff we have jammed inside ... just in case you thought that was an exaggeration.

Words fail ...

And by that time, she will be reduced to conducting her business from this miniscule and extremely difficult-to-see device, and probably won't even be reading blogs any more since Canadian cell phone prices are the highest in the world.

Not to mention, a person needs a magnifying glass to see anything ...

Hopefully not too long afterwards, we will relocate to our Final Destination. It had better not be too long. Neither of us are particularly excited about getting reacquainted with Mr. P. Potty.

Or maybe we'll have to move into the Carriage House
before the Little Gothic Cottage ...

What's one more move, after all?

The Attic will remain open during all this shuffling from here to there and back again. Shipping days have now been changed to twice weekly - Mondays and Thursdays - to avoid endless trips from here to there and back again, trying to figure out where the items being purchased have been stored.

Friday, April 17th.

Obviously, this was the day we moved the Attic stock ...

EVERYONE is tired of it ...

During these tumultuous times, be prepared for even fewer blog posts than the already dismal schedule of one per month you've been experiencing since our move from the Gothic Mansion. But also consider yourself fortunate you won't be subjected to endless posts on topics such as furnaces, rough-in plumbing, wiring, insulating, septic systems and all the things being eliminated due to the dwindling bank account.

Necessary, yes. Exciting to write about - not so much ...

The insomniac  hopes to return to blogging in the fall, after we've settled in, with infinitely more riveting topics along the lines of, “How to Mix 20 Different Colours of Wood Stain to Get Your Kitchen Cabinets to Match the Exact Colour You're Seeing Inside of Your Head.” Now there's something to look forward to, eh?

So until we meet again, the insomniac  wishes you endless nights of blissful sleep filled with pleasant dreams. Goodnight, my pretties. I'll miss you all.