Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Hallowe'en from the Spooky Forest!

Earlier this week, the insomniac  braved the bowels of the Little Gothic Cottage's basement to ferret out the Hallowe'en decorations, in order to participate in the Curious Professor Z's monthly homework assignment “Halloween at Home”. Although the furnishings and boxes containing all our worldly goods arrived at the cottage September 25th, very little progress has been made in their unpacking to date.

And this is only a small portion of the basement.

There is STILL SO MUCH MORE than the eye can see ...

Because the owl was large and easy to spot, it was one of the first items put out for display. That plus a glittery garland purchased just this year from Michaels - also easy to find, still in its Michaels bag and laying exactly where it had been tossed a month ago ... on top of the freezer. Having spent a good forty minutes vacuuming up glitter from the front entryway, it will most likely be packed away in one of those boxes in the basement tomorrow, never to see the light of day again.


But just wait until next year, once the spiderweb
hinges have been installed.

THEN it will be more impressive. 

Three white mini pumpkins were purchased for the mantel, just 'specially to go with the newest addition to the Taxidermy Family - a bleached jackdaw. Just because a person's been living in a hotel for six months doesn't mean they can't keep collecting more stuff. Seriously, what else can a person do in a hotel besides shop on eBay? Frequenting the saloon at 10:00 a.m. every day gets old after a while ...

And they all make a lovely display when paired with the
Drunken Man Clutching a Lamp Post ornament,
originally belonging to the insomniac's  grandfather.

Because Hallowe'en isn't just for children, you know ...

Immediately after taking this photograph, the jackdaw will return to its hiding place in the Gothic Bench, which is rather scary itself, what with all those cobwebs inside. Funny what happens to one's furniture after having been in storage for almost a year, isn't it?

None of the taxidermy will be brought out for display until after the cottage passes Final Inspection - in case the inspector isn't a big fan of dead stuffed things. Having already gotten a few raised eyebrows and comments along the lines of, “Well this is different, isn't it?”, it seems prudent not to rock the boat any more than absolutely necessary.

Not too much longer now, my pretties ...

The Dark Sow, a gift from the lovely Linnea Maria last fall, and which has travelled with us in the Box Full of Important Stuff (like income tax papers) from the Gothic Mansion to the Boring Beige Rental to the Rockyview Hotel and finally to our new home, has been nestled in its permanent location - a dark corner of the kitchen cabinets.

The Dark Sow - a symbol of the darkness, and an expression of mysticism and magic.

An appropriate decoration for Hallowe'en ... and any other time of year.

In anticipation of the hoards of children who would undoubtedly descend upon the Little Gothic Cottage this Hallowe'en night, a selection of toys and games and candy - and a beautiful card by Creepy Glowbugg - were set out in the hallway.

Yeah, hoards. Hoping for maybe six ... just like the old days.

And at 9:02 p.m., having had only one solitary child appear at our door (after a very insistent email to her mother demanding she be brought over), it would appear that Hallowe'en night for the insomniac  is destined to be even more dismal out here in the country than it was in the city. Because if little children were afraid to come down the long, dark alleyway to the Gothic Mansion on Hallowe'en night, then what child in their right mind would come down a long, dark country road to trick-or-treat at the Little Gothic Cottage?

Standing there with the door wide open just long enough to take this picture was enough to give the insomniac  the creeps ...

Complete and utter darkness. With howling coyotes.

That is Scary.

The insomniac  apologizes for her rather sad attempt at decorating this year, and hopes she doesn't get a failing grade on the Professor's assignment. She promises to do much better next year - after all, now there's an entire forest to decorate - and that couldn't possibly go badly.

Happy Hallowe'en everyone!

Until next time, the insomniac  wishes you nights of blissful sleep filled with pleasant dreams. Goodnight, my pretties.