Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Somewhat Ambiguous Post about Vampyres

Tuesday, February 10th

The insomniac  finally commits to participating in this year's Fourth Annual Vampire's Day Soirée hosted by Holly's Horrorland. Although she'd always wanted to join the festivities in previous years, a suitable idea just never seemed to present itself in time. However this year, she KNEW  she had it nailed, and would write a post combining her two most favourite subjects - Knitting and Vampyres. She planned to whip up a little something from a book she'd received as a Christmas present from the offspring called Vampire Knits. To be accurate, they bought the gift card, which she then used to buy the book. Online. Without having looked at it first.

Now the insomniac  did attempt to watch Twilight with her youngest once - on a flight to Romania - and lasted right up to the part where they started sparkling. She looked over at her youngest and said, “Those aren't Real Vampyres, dear.”, turned the movie off and summoned the flight attendant to order another Bloody Mary. “Make it a double, please.”, she requested politely. So it really shouldn't come as any great surprise that a knitting book whose tagline is “Projects to Keep You Knitting from Twilight to Dawn” was perhaps not the best possible use of one's gift card.

Still, it's only Tuesday. There's plenty of time to figure out a new direction for this post, to replace the original plan of knitting a life-sized Vampyre. Tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 11th

The insomniac  reads through the very short script from the 1931 version of Dracula starring Bela Lugosi, and decides to create little vignettes to tie in with memorable lines from the movie. As she skips gaily through the cottage gathering bits and pieces for the scenes, she thinks to herself, “This is fun!”.

Count Dracula: This ... is very old wine. I hope you will like it.
Renfield: Aren't you drinking?
Count Dracula: I never drink ... wine.

The insomniac  brought out the good wineglass for this photo.

She generally uses whatever's handy.
Like empty jam jars ...

Renfield: Flies? Flies? Poor puny things. Who wants to eat flies?
Martin: You do, you loony!
Renfield: Not when I can get nice fat spiders.

The only kind of spider tolerated in the Little Gothic Cottage ...

After three hours spent sorting through drawers and cupboards and boxes trying to come up with enough decor to match the script, another hour or two setting up the scenes, and a further hour or six trying to capture the perfect photo, exhaustion sets in. She decides it might be a good idea to try something else. Tomorrow. After a good night's sleep.

Thursday, February 12

Today she decides to make little displays based on well-known Vampyre facts ...

There's always a good supply of garlic in the cottage, a known deterrent of Vampyres.

And always a fang bottle opener within handy reach;
beer being a somewhat lesser known defense.

There's actually a Vampyre standing directly behind the insomniac.

Obviously, you can't see his reflection ...

Friday, February 13th

The insomniac  decides to start making stuff up to fit the theme ...

Afternoon tea with Bela; a view of the Carpathian Forest visible in the windows.

Sure, that works.

Alas, poor Renfield. I knew him.
Well. That's really stretching things a bit, isn't it?

Fine. The fireplace stone is from the Borgo Pass. Better?

Saturday, February 14th

Today, panic has set in. Along with the pressure of finishing this post, there's food to prepare for tonight's Valentine's Dinner & Dance at the local community hall. Attempting to do two things at once, the insomniac  hauls out anything that either came from Romania or looks remotely spooky and takes a picture of it while preparing her contributions to the potluck.

The box of assorted bottles of palincă came from Romania,
and remains unopened after seven years. Seems odd for this household, doesn't it?

As for the meatball recipe, who can even understand that particular reference?

Skulls, bats and a bottle that looks vaguely Vampyric.

That's a word, right?

Some of these are for the potluck, some are for the family.

**glances at empty clock case ... decides it would make
a perfect spot to hide from Vampyres, until such
time as shelves are added to store booze**

Since we've already reached the point of making stuff up, we'll end today's contribution with a picture that hangs on the insomniac's  side of the bed, purchased in Romania *cough*, and somewhat loosely translated from that language **coughs again** ...

Listen to them. Children of the Night. What music they make!

Now if you're a regular reader and used to the erratic writing style employed by the insomniac, you will have made it this far. A pat on the back to you, as there's a giveaway. New readers who've arrived here via Holly's Soirée have, by now, likely become confused and wandered away. Never to be seen again.

Please indicate in the comments if you'd like your name to be entered in a draw for either: a) Fang Bottle Opener b) Red Spider c) Amber Spider or d) Bela Lugosi Mug. **insomniac  makes mental note to order more Lugosi mugs, gives her head a shake and goes looking for pen and paper**

Winners will be chosen using the age-old system of writing everyone's name on a piece of crusty parchment, and drawing them from a suitably eerie receptacle of some sort. They will be announced as an addendum to the bottom of this post on Saturday, February 21st, giving everyone plenty of time to enter.

Although the insomniac would love to reassure Holly that having 364 days to prepare should ensure a timely and well-written post for next year's soirée, she'll probably arrive unfashionably late to the party as usual, and be just as woefully ill-prepared as she was this year. Some things never change.

Until next time, the insomniac  wishes you nights of blissful sleep filled with pleasant dreams. Goodnight, my pretties.


Addendum: The names of those entered in the draw were not beautifully written out on a piece of crusty parchment and drawn from a suitably creepy receptacle as promised, but instead scrawled on a piece of scrap paper, assigned a number in the order in which the comment was received, then chosen using the Random Integer Generator at

Thanks to everyone who commented and entered! Please email the insomniac  at with your mailing address, and she promises to drive to town (and a Post Office) by the end of the month to mail your prizes out to you. 

And the winners are (wow, isn't this just like the Oscars!) ...

Draw for Fang Opener - HollyHorrorshow

Here are your random numbers:
Timestamp: 2015-02-21 21:27:14 UTC

Draw for Amber Spider - Nicole

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Timestamp: 2015-02-21 21:29:25 UTC

Draw for Red Spider - Natalie

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Timestamp: 2015-02-21 21:30:07 UTC

Draw for Bela Lugosi Mug - lady M

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Timestamp: 2015-02-21 21:31:44 UTC