Saturday, April 8, 2017

An Exciting New Adventure ...

Hello, lovely readers! It's that time of year where I take a moment to fill you in on all the latest happenings here in the Attic and let me tell you, it has been a busy four months since the last post.

Around the end of January, an adorable little store in the nearby town of Water Valley came up for rent - kind of a lifelong dream and one I never would have imagined possible - offering the perfect opportunity to bring Insomniac's Attic into a brick and mortar setting. Believe it or not, I've actually missed working retail.

In February, a trip to the NYC gift show to investigate new stock seemed to be in order. While there, I was fortunate enough to take in a few local highlights with my very gracious hostess ...

Spent a day with Magaly Guerrero,
most of it in the Strand Book Store.

Eighteen miles of books. Mmmmm, books.

I believe Magaly had time for a lengthy nap
while waiting for me to finish looking ...

We also went here:

Yes. This IS Evan Michelson of Obscura Antiques.

By the end of the trip, extended for an extra day due to snowstorms in Canada causing airline cancellations, and which was put to excellent use by going shopping just one more time, my suitcase was crammed so full of treasures half of it had to be repacked into the youngest's luggage to comply with airline weight restrictions.

NYC Loot Haul 2017

Roughly half of which will end up at the new store. Maybe a third. An eighth.
Okay, fine ... just the spoons.

In March, work was begun on the rebranding of Insomniac's Attic - that Bleeding Cowboys font was so last year. And let's be honest - for those who don't know me very well, I might come across as a bit dark and the old look did nothing to dispel that image. I would  like to take this opportunity to reassure everyone that I'm probably the least frightening person I know - in my world, an exciting day is one spent baking cookies, knitting socks or hand-feeding the chickadees. I'm just like everyone's favourite eccentric aunt, really. One who enjoys decorating her home with a tad too much taxidermy perhaps, but still. 

So I've attempted to give the Attic more of a storybook feel, which is how I envision the new shoppe. A magical and wondrous place exactly like this ... with maybe a few less rocks on the floor so a person could actually walk around though. I have no doubt I'll be able to find the props to recreate this look quite easily in our basement, that portion of the garage where I'm supposed  to be parking my car and our forest, also known as our yard. We have, after all, been out here for three years now and despite one's best intentions to never again accumulate the amount of stuff we had prior to moving here, somehow things have managed to mysteriously pile up again over time. Sorry, kids.


As I move forward on this exciting new venture, I plan to tackle it in exactly the same manner I've employed for every other important moment in my life ... striding confidently in the direction of my dreams firmly gripping my Plan of Action; at which point I fully expect to trip over something or other, losing my grasp on The Plan as I clumsily stagger toward the precipice, eventually hurtling head first into the abyss. It's worked quite well for me so far.

And one day (roughly the middle of May), I hope you'll take a drive out to Water Valley and stop in at the little Storybook Cottage with the purple doors. When you happen to notice the old-ish woman in the corner knitting a sweater with skulls on it, please don't be afraid ... come on in, say hello, have a look around. Just remember - I am EXACTLY like your favourite aunt; provided your aunt has tattoos and a penchant for black t-shirts with skulls. In which case, you should probably bring her along for a visit, too. Tell her I have cookies.